Downata Hot Springs Review

downata hot springs

Downata Hot Springs is a great family destination with swimming pools, water playgrounds, and dining facilities. Guests can also stay overnight in the resort’s cabins. For larger groups, Downata offers group lodging in the Ranch House. There are also over 100 campsites on the property. Read on to find out more about this family-friendly destination. We have reviewed the resort’s features to help you choose the best vacation for your family.

Downata Hot Springs is a family geothermal destination

Downata Hot Springs is located near Pocatello, Idaho. The spa at Downata is family friendly and features three natural stone pools, including a therapeutic pool. While the hot springs at nearby Lava Hot Springs are more intense, Downata offers a calming and more intimate atmosphere for the entire family. There is a restaurant and gift shop on site, so everyone can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Downata Hot Springs is a 100-year-old hot springs ranch with a large outdoor pool and two tube slides. There are also saunas, steam canopies, and a water playground. For families who prefer to stay on site, Downata has several lodging options, including a family cabin or RV camping site. Downata Hot Springs also offers swim classes and is pet-friendly.

Downata Hot Springs is a popular hot spring, and the family can enjoy the natural waters with a little extra time. It is located off of the road in Stanley and has an interpretive sign and an old stone bathhouse. The natural hot springs are piped under the highway and flow into a river. Visitors have built stone lined pools along the edge of the river. The temperature is easily adjusted.

Another family geothermal destination is Indian Springs Resort & RV. This campground features 130 RV sites and a large geothermal pool. It is a 5th generation family-owned destination. If you’re driving to Downata Hot Springs from Stanley, take highway 21 north past mile marker 37. Once there, you’ll see the olympic-size pool. It’s the largest geothermal hot spring in the state.

It has a swimming pool

The Downata Hot Springs has a pool and a dining room, though you must reserve a table for the latter in advance. You can also order a pizza from the snack bar or order an upscale ribeye steak from the dining room. The Downata Hot Springs is considered a fountain of youth for locals, and is also a major economic driver for the town. You can enjoy its natural mineral waters, while still soaking in a hot tub, or simply savor the soothing effects of the pool and its surrounding scenery.

The Downata Hot Springs features two outdoor pools, a swimming pool with jets, and a water playground for children. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or a fun getaway with the family, the Downata Hot Springs has something for everyone. There are plenty of hot tubs to choose from and several water slides for fun and excitement. You can even get a massage while you’re here!

The Downata Hot Springs was originally built in 1898. It was purchased by Elton Nead and Brent Coats in 1939, and their son Karl joined them as general managers. The Johnson family also remodeled the pool’s dining room and added a snack bar and walk-in refrigerator. The Downata Ranch is also home to a double-sandpit volleyball court and a double-decker swing.

During the first two years, the resort upgraded the facilities. The old famous silver slide was retired and moved to another area. The new slide included steps for easier sliding. In addition, the resort added a new ramp and wooden deck in the pool picnic area. It also started opening at weekends during the off-season. After the first of 2014, the resort will add a new entrance reception area. The new swimming pool will also offer the option of swimming during the off-season.

It has a water playground

For those looking for a relaxing retreat, Downata Hot Springs is an excellent choice. Located about an hour’s drive south of Pocatello, Idaho, Downata Hot Springs offers a 100-year-old resort with a water playground, hot springs, and multiple swimming pools. This Idaho resort is also a great choice for a family vacation. There are multiple swimming pools to choose from, and if you’d rather soak than play, there’s a water playground and two jetted pools for kids. The resort offers a variety of massages and retreat getaways, so make sure to plan your visit accordingly.

A 100-year-old hot springs ranch, Downata offers several activities for families, including a water playground, hot tubs, and saunas. Families will also appreciate the covered wagons, volleyball courts, and horseshoes. Guests can rent cabins or pitch a tent for an unforgettable family vacation. Camping is also an option at the resort, with over 100 sites for camping.

The campground at Downata Hot Springs is located next to the hot springs. Families can stay in RVs, tents, and Yurts. For more luxurious accommodations, there is a dining room and snack bar on site. Meal deals are available from the restaurant’s multiple menus. From a hamburger to a ribeye steak, there’s something for everyone! The Downata Hot Springs also has a pizza and pool pass package, and offers a steak and soak for two.

It has a dining room

Downata Hot Springs has a dining room and poolside snack bar, both with reservations. If you are visiting on a budget, you may opt for the snack bar. There are a variety of menus, from hamburgers to ribeye steaks. You can also get a meal deal, such as a pizza and a day pass to the pool, or a steak and soak for two.

The resort is known for its hot pools and water playground. The resort also has a dining room and sauna, a meeting room, and a picnic pavilion. In addition to the hot springs, Downata has a swimming pool and a water cannon. Guests can stay in one of the yurts or cabins or book a fully-equipped ranch house. The dining room and poolside restaurant are open year-round, and there are a variety of spa treatments available.

The Downata Hot Springs owners purchased the Hadley farm in the fall of 2012. The Hadley House was originally built in Swan Lake, Idaho, and was moved to Downata Hot Springs in 1950. The property is being redeveloped to include a walk path, gardens, and a children’s sleigh riding hill. This added to the fun of pool parties during the winter. There is even a dining room for small groups.

The Downata Hot Springs resort is an excellent choice for a family vacation. This hot springs resort has multiple pools for swimming and relaxing, including a large indoor pool and water slides for the kids. During the summer months, Downata also offers a swimming pool with color-changing lights, which are perfect for night swims. Downata is just 45 miles from Pocatello, Idaho. There are no accommodations for handicapped people in the area, but it’s a short drive.

It has a snack bar

Downata Hot Springs offers several different dining options, including its own dining room and poolside snack bar. The resort also offers a meeting room for group gatherings, a swimming pool, and a variety of activities, from swim lessons to horseshoes. There’s also a snack bar on site and a snack bar menu that features a variety of American classics like hamburgers. The resort also offers meal deals, including pizza and a pool pass, as well as specials for two.

Downata Hot Springs is an Idaho hot springs resort located about 40 minutes south of Pocatello. The resort is open year-round, and offers multiple areas to soak in the mineral-rich pools. Families can also enjoy a water playground and two heated hot pools. The resort also offers massages and tetherball. In addition to the hot springs, the resort features a sauna, horseshoe pits, and a driving range.